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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by KDB View Post
Ever think about selling stencils?
You talkin' to me? De Niro in Taxi Driver.... :-)

Not an actual stencil per say but a vinyl stick on over the surface. I suppose it could be a stencil that sticks on, then you paint over and then pull off the vinyl leaving the fresh painted image. Would just weed out the letters or design instead of leaving the design or letters in. Plan on making available area templates for the mag cover, rear sprocket clutch and tank. Just to tinker more than anything. Got some cool reflective vinyl to play with too that can't hurt at night.

Got something in mind for your MB? Shoot me a PM and I:'ll cut it for you and sent it snail mail, free of any charge just to see what it turns out like. An experiment if you will...

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