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Default Re: How Do I Install An Oil Dispenser Inside A Gas Tank

Well, for the past six and a half months, I've been carrying 2oz oil in my 18oz aluminum fuel bottle in the bike's cage. Now that I switched to Opti-2 oil, I only carry 1oz oil. It's worked VERY well for me. Instead of the three-handed juggling act at the gas pump, I add oil into the tank at home or on the road. THENNN, I pedal the bike to the gas station and fill 3 quarts of gas. While pedalling, the fuel/oil mix changes to about 8:1 ratio, then 100:1 when 3 quarts are pumped in.

It's rainy, windy and I feel weak from yesterday's donation @ the blood bank. With too much time on my hands, I'm back to thinking about a passive way to add oil into my gas tank.

This might be my oil dispenser:


#1169K15 has 1/4" NPT, holds 1.375 oz oil, 1.75" diameter and stands 2.9375" tall. It costs $18.28 plus shipping.

I'm cheap, so I'll use this for my prototype:

I should have one laying around somewhere. With the filter removed, this filter MIGHT hold an ounce of oil.

Several drawbacks arise from mounting something atop the fuel tank. Unless it's the size of a matchbox, anything mounted on top looks like a huge wart on someone's nose. Add the brass fitting and a petcock, and the contraption looks absolutely ridiculous!


Gravity is my friend, and I only need it for a few seconds. All the time after that, and everything sticks up like a skyscraper/building. What I need is a simple pivoting arm.....

like they use on reading lamps!!!

The 1 oz oil and receptacle is lighter than a light bulb, socket and lampshade. Attach the oiler to a length of hose. The hose extends thru a hole in the top of the tank. When the lampshade arm is extended so that the oiler is above the tank, 1 oz of Opti-2 flows in.

I don't even need a control valve or petcock. Gravity is my friend. There is no siphon action to contaminate the Opti-2, as long as the hose does not extend below the tank's fuel level. Even if fuel siphoned into the oiler, it really wouldn't matter at all.

There's a vast amount of lampshade choices on the market. I MIGHT have a spare one laying around.

Man, this is gonna be CHEAP! Spare fuel filter and brass fittings, spare lampshade, spare fuel line laying around.....

I'll need a tiny funnel to fill 1oz oil into the filter.

The best part is that I get to SEE the exact amount of oil and watch it flow into the tank!

What fun it is to recycle stuff and make it work on my bike!

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