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Default Re: First spark but problems.

I just did mine last week from same company. Try to loosen the chain to give about 1" play in the middle. Don't worry about the fuel line mine does the same. Moving the choke down opens it and as it sounds your throttle is probably hanging open.
My throttle cable wouldn't hook-up unless the carb was almost wide open. The grip part, where the cable end hooked-in had a stop that stopped on a ledge in the housing that didn't allow the other end of the cable and slide in the carb to fully close. I used a small die grinder and an exacto knife to cut out the perch and allow the grip tube with the cable to turn back to where the cable hole is in the housing. About an extra 3/8". That gave me an whole 1/2 turn on the grip from closed to wide open. I believe the plastic casting just came out wrong.
I don't know if your problem are the same, but same seller. The only adjustments on the carb that I found so far is the screw on the side adjusts the idle speed. Turn in to raise it. I also adjusted my float and hear that the slide needle has clip positions for rich and lean.
Have fun and I hope this helps.
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