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Default Re: No where to go?

They are both a hobby to me and legitimate transportation- I'm a bit obbsessive/compulsive and seen some hard times lately- so I've regressed into this a bit- after I raced USCF road and velodrome for14 years when I was young- So I've got these two builds and I've been busy dialing them in with just what I want on them- I'm mostly about keeping them light, so I can push them up to my second floor apartment.

I'm driving the car only about once a week now and going everywhere on the motor bikes and regular bike here in Jacksonville- the winter will probably slow me down a bit-

I was going to do a "two year" report last year, but three years will be coming up ths spring- and I'm just about completely finished wth them- so maybe then I'l take pictures of the finshed products and write of their evolution.

I'm finally ready to put the 27" back wheel on the 66- the sprockets been on the wheel a couple months but I've been busy- the other has two 700C and this will have two 27" wheels with a 34 alloy sprocket- It's really almost too fast now with a 36 sprock, but I never really open it up, so the motor won't strain at all at 25-30. They're both well under 50 pounds (gotta get a scale!) and both pedal really well too. When I'm up to speed I can cut the motor two blocks from where I'm going and coast the rest of the way- they roll forevere- and that new 415 trike chain seems to have less resistence.

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