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Default Re: Dax Friction kits, less engine.

Hi Photo,

I have FD myself, 31 cc of howling furry!

What size engine and spindle?

Have you tried these solid rubber "tubes" never flat, or something?

I am interested in setting up a lil cottage motorized bike shop, run it out of the house.
Have been all over looking at the different kits, types, engines etc.

I bought and installed one of the china girl kits, yow, No mas!

I have one of the 1982 bikebugs, but am worried about mounting it on the newer wider and fatter forks, saw here somewhere, that just longer bolts would do it.

I like the idea of the FD, the limitations are acceptable, the fact is I don't want to be be going 40 on a bike.

I did email Dax, weeks ago, with what I thought was a biz inquiry, as to dealership offerings, I received back one line of non answer, I had to write back once again stating I am seeking to do biz with you.

So the lack of professionalism, had me wondering.
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