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Default First spark but problems.

So I got the beast to actually run for a little bit tonight! However I am encountering what appear to be a lot of tweaking problems I would like to beg advice on. First off when the engine kicks over the chain jumps off. I've eyeballed it the best I can and it appears to be straight. It kicks off to the outside BTW. Next there isn't any fuel in the lower half of the line below the fuel filter. If I push the prime button I can see a trickle flowing down the line but it doesn't fill. Also if move the choke down while it is running the engine just races! The carb came assembled from Boygoesfast so I left it the way he set it up. Would there be adjustments that I can make to remedy this? Finally there doesn't appear to be a lot of movement in the throttle. I get about 1/8th turn between off and full. Is that normal? I'm getting so close I can taste it! Arghhhh!
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