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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I'm off to donate blood platelets @ the blood bank. From now on, I'll drive to/from the bank. Why? A blood donor who had given more than 200 times before fainted shortly after donating. He had rested enough before getting off the chair, folded his blanket, walked to the snack room(We get snacks!)and keeled over.

Imagine that happening to a motorized bike rider on the road!

Yeah, so I only filled the oil reserve w/Opti-2 and wiped oil spray off the bike.

I've been thinking about fabbing a 1-ounce oil reserve tank. Then I'll permanently connect it to my 4-liter Happy Time fuel tank. I've been filling/mixing oil @ the gas station for months. This'll make the mixing process more passive/automatic.
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