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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I wouldn't throw it away if it was doing what it is supposed to... shutting off the gas flow. A fiber washer (usually colored red) is supposed to fit between the petcock and tank... is it there? I never had trouble with the carb not getting enough gas. Even if it is restricted, so long as it is getting enough, a bigger line doesn't change anything as the carb can only use so much gas. My opinion anyway.
I had nothing but trouble with my stock petcock.

It wasn't leaking from the connection to the gas tank; it was leaking from the switch! This is because the valve on the petcock is just two small holes and the switch just moves a rubber washer with 4 holes over it(that's why there isn't a hard on/off position). Also, the switch didn't align with the "on/off" positions, so I had to figure out where it would turn off.

I switched out my petcock with a brass spout and an inline plastic petcock from OSH.
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