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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
Well i managed to get her running again but my clutch clicks when i pull it in and it doesnt idle unless i hold the handlebar clutch in all the way (when i pull it and and push the pin down to keep it locked it has enough power to disengage the rear wheel but the bike won't idle unless i completely hold it in).

maybe i need to tighten the clutch cable to a sweet spot or play with the idle screw? maybe i should move the e-clip down a notch (i did put it on the very top)
Definitely need to adjust your clutch cable...
There are a couple things you can do.
1) Turn out the adjustment screw on the clutch handlebar lever
2) Turn out the screw where the clutch cable housing terminates at the motor
3) relocate the stopper on the end of the clutch cable

Any combination of these that get the job done will work fine.

Not sure if you noticed, but the clutch arm on the motor has a slot in it, you can pull the cable and slide it right out. Then it is easy to move the end down the cable a bit, now press in the clutch lever and slide the cable back through the slot into the lever. I generally start out with all of the cable adjustments set all the way in, then I have room to roll them out and take some slack out of the cable. You want to put a bunch of light weight oil down your cable to help make it easier to pull as well.

As for idle, if your clutch is gripping a bit it will drag the motor down and kill out your idle. Once you get your clutch set properly so it is full disengaged when it is locked in you should have an easier time getting idle....

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