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Default Re: stock tank gas to oil?

Originally Posted by clashed13 View Post
Ok so sometimes I dont have the money for a gallon So I was wondering how much gas does a stock tank hold? And If I filled that tank up how much oil do I put into it for 100:1?
You didn't mention the tank size, but this will work for ANY tank:

Fill your tank with gas (only), exactly how much you need. Scratch mark your tank or make a small dipstick for exact measurement. Disconnect your fuel line and drain the gas into a measured container. That will tell you EXACTLY how much gas is in the tank @ the scratch mark or dipstick. Measure the amount in ounces, then divided by 100.

That is the exact amount of Opti-2 oil you need for the mix. Be sure it's oil made to mix 100:1, or you'll damage your engine.
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