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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I don't like mixing and storing 2-stroke fuel @ home. If I had a house, I might not mind, but I don't.

Sooo, I fill up @ the pump. I keep 1 oz of Opti-2 oil in my 18oz aluminum fuel bottle in its cage. When the fuel level in my 4-liter Happy Time tank drops below the "bumps" @ the tank's bottom, it's time to fill up. The petcock is closed, oil added and I pedal to the nearest station. On the way to the gas station, the Opti-2 mixes with the fuel reserve to make maybe 8:1 fuel/oil ratio. When I add 3 quarts, it dilutes to 100:1. Gas is pumped quickly, so that the sloshing helps mix the fuel. Then I pedal for a block for more fuel sloshing, open the petcock and start the engine. I have been doing this for months, with no adverse effects to the engine. Spark plug color is chocolate brown.

NEVER! forget to shut the petcock before adding oil in the tank. Oil will quickly reach the carburetor and foul the engine. The bike would have to be turned upside down to drain the bad mix back to the tank. Once there, the fuel/oil ratio is unknown/less than correct, so the tank has to be drained and refilled.

Ask me how I know this! lol

Since 1 oz is very little, I'm devising a way to attach a tiny oil reserve tank to the HT 4-liter fuel tank. Then I can get rid of the 18oz fuel bottle
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