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Unhappy Nowhere to go?

When I first starting riding MB's many years ago I could always find somewhere to ride to for fun.

Of course, I use my motorized bicycle for daily transportation whenever a vehicle is not needed. But lately I have not gone any rides just for the fun.

Like today, woke up early figured I'd go on a fun ride somewhere. But, I don't know where to go anymore?

There is not a place near or far that I have not rode my MB, and riding to the same places of attraction gets a little old after a while.

Many times I will take off for a ride with no plan or destination and just go where the wind takes me. But many times I find myself home within 30 minutes.

There are lots of 2-4 day trips I would like to do, but time and money always prevents me from taking long trips.

I find riding my motorized bicycle fun, but I am running out of enthusiasms to go anywhere anymore just for the ride.
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