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Default Another NooB in Montana

Joined thins forum sometime back but have just been lurking.
I am an old guy (68) but feel like I am 15 inside and in my heart. I have owned dozens of motorcycles through the years.

So I am sitting around a few years ago and the "Voice" says to me "lets build a motorizes bike" Well I have been listening to that voice for years and I said why not? Now "The 'Voice' has gotten me into a lot of trouble thought out the years but thats another story.

Now I have a OCC Stingray and a 80cc, or what ever they says it measures out to, and the idea is to join them in matrimony.

I heard there is a motor mount kit that is better than using what ever the kit comes with and an exhaust pipe made by the same guy on Ebay but I have not been able to find it. Any body have some advise? Oh also the Stingray has no brake mechanisms where can I get them?

Oh I live in SW Montana by Butte Montana.

Well thats my introduction and thanks for the forum.

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