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Originally Posted by whodey View Post
So my dad over the last few years has really gotten into bicycles. He likes the older type, like Schwinn cruiser style. He has even bought a Schwinn Black Phantom, which looking at them online, are pretty valuable. He has been talking about getting a gas bicycle kit to put on one of these bikes. I would like to get him one of these kits for Christmas but I do not know nothing about them. Anybody know of a good place to get these and what I should be looking for? I don't know anything about what engine size he would need or nothing of that nature. Any help would be great! Thanks!
Wecolme to the forum Whodey!!! i have'nt used any of the GRUBEE types but love the Raw motor 80. Check out the discontinued section, you will see the Raw 80 for 149.95 plus shipping should be around 183.00 total. I have built 5 bikes the best one is my brothers, has a Raw 80 on it!! hope this helps, Anyhow, GAS Bikes & KINGS MTORBIKES are the same company. Where about are you in Cincinnati? I'm in Sharonville
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