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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
Well bad news guys, she no longer works.

it was riding perfectly. in fact i did a 10 mile trip down to the store on it with no problems at all. then i let my brother in law ride it and it rode good for him. he didn't turn the fuel on and ran it all the way through out of gas. i turned the gas on for him and off he went again.

i try to start it today and it ran funny. i tried to idle and it immediately died on me. i figure ok maybe i should tighten the clutch a little more. i ride it down like normal and nothing.

it doesnt "put put put" like it does after you pop the handle bar clutch lever in.

compression issue or my clutch is slipping right?
put put put sounds like it is turning over, so it should start, so it's probably not a clutch issue....
I would make sure everything is still tight, head bolts, intake/exhaust manifold, carb mounting etc. The motor vibrates a lot and stuff comes loose, specially in the first couple hundred miles you want to keep an eye for stuff coming loose. Check the spark plug cap (if it is the stock one they can fail easily).
Also, you want to make sure you are getting fuel delivery. Tanks are usually pretty dirty inside, hard to clean completely even when you try, so that filter in the top of the fuel petcock might have clogged up on you. Or a particle might have lodged in your jet...
I wouldnt suspect a compression or motor problem unless you heard strange sounds or see something to indicate a problem somewhere.....
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