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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by kevyleven007 View Post
played musical seats.think I got them right this time
LOL, I did that last week, and ended up choosing the one that was on the bike.

Carb adjustments have been finicky. Too high, and the clutch is still engaged at a stop. The bike's like a war horse, pulling at the reins. Too low and the engine dies at the light. Fortunately, the bike is light and I am strong. I simply lift the motorized bicycle onto the sidewalk, then mull over it for a few minutes. After an adjustment, I'm on my way again.

My newly-installed chain tensioner and windscreen are working flawlessly.

New stiff gears are awesome. Before, I skipped every other gear while upshifting. Now I skip every two gears on the flat road. So it's first, then fourth, then seventh gear, which is cruising gear @ 17.72:1. On an incline, I tend to use every gear while climbing.
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