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Default Re: Too broke to build it

Rustycase : A few bacca plants would be great .. I remember when they used to sell small ones and starter kits at the grocery store . That stopped when the baccy abertising laws changed .

Culvercity : Man i would take you up on those spare parts in a heartbeat , but i don,t even know where i,m moving to yet .

CTripps : Calendar .. awsome idea .. I just might do that . If i do ( It would be something I would just add to my website ) you could check it for free .
Mind you .. the calendar idea is a good one .. perhaps people on the site here would be interested in a photo contest ( 1 picture per entrant , and do a poll vote for the best 12 pictures ) .. just an idea .

5-7 : Motorbiker : I do all my sketch-ups on the computer .I just use microsoft paint ( from xp or older ... the one on windows 7 is messed up .. they actually made it harder to use by trying to improve it ) that and an OLD version of photo suite ( which also is much better than its newer versions ) .

Nightcruiser : Take a picture before the motor is installed ( See it just a bicycle ) .
Instead of worrying about the PO-PO , I'll worry about a stealthy muffler , good performance and knowing all the back street shortcuts ( so ya can run from the po-po ) .
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