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Default Re: Hello, trying to get there, Newcastle NSW

i've ordered a new motor from a local dealer, so hopefully i'll be back up and running soon. i'm still annoyed as i was expecting at least 3000miles out of my old motor and only got 1400. i'm also in the process of making my own muffler and airbox so i can try and quieten the motor down to a even possible). anyhow have fun people. btw does anyone else have problems with keeping their brakes working? i have put a disc on my front end and still have the stock v-brakes, but my bike weighs 36kgs(80 pounds) and i weigh 90kgs (200pounds), and the other day while going down a huge hill riding the brakes the whole way, they started squealing and not working very well, i realise some fade will happen, but where i live it is very hilly so don't have much of a choice, plus legally i'm meant to stay under 25kmph. Cheers....
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