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Go to the legal section here in the forum. You will find a lot of help there. Sounds to me like motor assisted bicycles are not regulated in your area. So..No regulations? Who would have thought. Something that someone is doing is not regulated by government? Wow !!! Is that possible? Yep... So..Since it is not regulated in your area, if you call police or anyone in Government, and make an attempt to get a registration or license or what ever...and..Why would you.. I mean.. Are bicycles regulated in your area? Most likely not yet.. But..If you call the cops, they will do their best to fit you into a category. Most likely the moped one. Which your bicycle is not a moped. It is much much less than a moped. According to Fed Regs, if it is less than 50cc and does not exceed 30mph under power on level ground, it is still a bicycle. And that makes the most sense. But..If bicycles are regulated in your area, and in some places they are, then you need to get what is applicable to bicycles. and not mopeds, Scooters, or motorcycles. Again.. Go to the legal section for more. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride...
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