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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Put the first 5 or so miles on my cg today. This is a neat way to get around! I'm really digging the part-time pedaling. Not sure exactly how fast or how far I've gone because my awesome old mechanical speedo doesn't actually work. Hoping I can fix it somehow. Kinda surprised at how many parts rattled off, so I put some nail polish where needed. It worked.

Thanks everyone for all the answers, old posts, stickies, opinions, words of doom & wisdom. I've never been mechanically inclined, but I've learned a lot here & now I've got this kicka$$ bike. (Or at least the beginnings of one....I don't imagine I'll quit working on it anytime soon.)

Looks like rain for the next 2 days, followed by freezing temperatures. Dang. I should build some kinda snowmobile.
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