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20 mph club sounds good to me... Got Harley for the speed fix when needed. :-)

Was given a gas bike a couple months ago by a friend who found it abandoned in one of his apartments. There were reasons it was abandoned too. No spark due to completely missing magneto, expansion muffler always loosening up and no gaskets, carb throttle cable broken, no air filter, everything loose and general misalignment of everything else.

So grateful of the new toy, read, searched and watched most all I could find about these gas engines. Found mine to be a 66cc model and parts are easily had off eBay. So after a $17 carb, an $9 cable, $15 magneto and a $3 spark plug, general maintenance, cleaning, lubing, alignments... well i was buzzing about town at a good clip turning heads.... ;-)

Fast forward, i bought a new 66cc kit off eBay and a new beach cruise style bicycle and am about to finish off my first build, this evening I hope. I figure I better have a pair of them.

Just too much fun and I like to tinker, besides, it keeps me out of the bars.

One thing I found in Indiana code law is classified specifically for 'motorized bicycle' and there is no cc limit in size, just a speed limit imposed of 25 mph. Thought that interesting. guess I could mount a stroker shovel head on there and I would be legal! LOL
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