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Default Re: Need help getting it started

i was just going to buy a new air filter and see if that helps with speed but if the choke arm is going to give me problems i might just replace the entire carb.

which replacement would you suggest for my type of motor?

i was looking at the high performance cns carb from kingsmb. i'm not sure though. it looks confusing.


well i have been riding the bike around all morning and the rubber band worked wonders. looks a little weird but it helps a lot.


Originally Posted by Norman
The choke can be stopped from vibrating to the on choke position by tightening the choke shaft bolt on the choke. It only needs a very light tightening.
Some people will put a rubber band on the lever to keep it from vibrating on.
norman the moderator said this and i trust his exp. i have no idea what a choke shaft bolt is though or where its located at on the carb.

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