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Default Scooter Windshield On My Motorized bike!

I bought a generic/universal windshield/windscreen on ebay two years ago. It was something like this one:

Scooter Moped Motorcycle Windshield Universal Mount | eBay

It sat on my shelf since then, until today. I FINALLY figured out a way to mount the windscreen firmly and cheaply with available brackets, with no custom welding or parts fabricated. It was easy, and the windshield was mounted in a couple hours.

The windshield is 14" tall, 17.5" @ its wide bottom and 11.5" @ its topmost width.

I'll ride to work tomorrow with my new windscreen. While seated on the bike, I can hunch down a little, and my body will be protected. Only part of my motorcycle helmet will be exposed to aerodynamic drag.

Pics to follow soon, and the big test is my commute tomorrow.

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