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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today was about day 6 of the "simple" task of replacing the handlebars. Nothing has ever been simple when it comes to the Flying Pig so far. The handlebars were no different. To make it more entertaining, I was also going to replace the crappy twist throttle with a thumb throttle. (Easier for me to use a thumb throttle) The twist throttle has not stayed together long enough for a ride to even happen except at idle speed.

Problems mating an ATV throttle with the Chinese motor were to be expected, what was NOT expected was that the screw to tighten the clamp to the bars was bent, resulting in breaking off a chunk of the plastic bracket.

I'll deal with it tomorrow.

In the meantime, replacing the failing seat with a new gel seat in x-large sounded great, until you realize it raises the seat a couple of inches on a bike that was already too large. I can barely reach the pedals, have to lean it over to get on and then hop along to start with enough momentum to start pedaling the bike. Just for extra interest, the clutch is still too tight, which means that it's not engaged yet when it's locked, requiring me to do my gymnastic routine with one hand clenching the clutch handle tightly.

I need to figure something else out, but smaller bikes weren't giving enough room for the engine (Grubee Skyhawk) and I ended up with this old steel frame bike that nearly everything has been replaced on. It's a good thing that it was intended as a Frankenstein experiment to even see if I could manage riding a motorized bicycle, rather than a "pretty" cycle!

So far, I have maybe 3 miles on the engine, and while I have no complaints about that part--the rest of it has been junk, especially the so-called "upgraded" twist throttle that comes apart if you breath on it. The integrated kill switch was DOA when it was installed (broken internally, but no damage visible on the throttle handle.) I didn't expect to find that the twist throttle was a problem (I am disabled) but it was impossible to use for more than a few minutes, hence the thumb throttle switch out. I searched the forums, thinking surely someone else has had an issue with twisting a throttle and used a thumb throttle, but didn't find anything. I'm a bit leery of using anything that doesn't require some kind of pressure continually to keep running just in case something DOES go wrong, even though my mechanical buddies keep poo-pooing my worries about it. They keep saying to buy another lever like is used for the clutch to use as a throttle. Anybody else got input? This is my first bike, and I'm not too well educated on mechanical anythings!
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