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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
yeah its definitely faster/stronger. my spark plug is still black. after every ride i should check the color right? i think i want the spark plug color to be light brown. black is to rich, light tan is to lean. correct me if im wrong.

haha no doubt. this thing is a blast. cant wait to do long distance rides with it. it would be nice to build a gps mount for my bike. aside from the directional help it can tell me how fast i am going and it provides a little extra light for night time riding.
I think that link to the spark plug chart pretty much says it all as for what your plug looks like and what your motor condition is. I would only check the plug after a decent ride when I have just made some carb adjustments.
I dont recall if you have a 48cc or a 60cc?? I have read that some guys with 50cc motors had to go smaller with their jet size to lean up their motor enough to burn optimally, 66cc is usually ok with the stock jet or needs to go larger (but since your already rich you don't need larger, that is what made me ask if you have 50cc???)
I velcrowed my gps to my bike after some guys said I couldn't be believed when I said I could hit the mid 30's with a stock kit (stock parts tuned well), turns out the GPS speed matched the speed shown on the $5 spedo I got off ebay exaclty. I also use 3 18LED flashlights on my bike, they light up the road great, and the white wire powers them very well....
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