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Default Re: Temperature and Air Volume

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Ya know, I've had to ride my bike home from work when the temperature had jumped to 110 that summer here. And she was laboring on the hills. I could tell.

And I've ridden her on brisk 40 degree mornings, and she felt like she could kick butt and take names. I thought all along that air volume might play a part. This kind of supports my theory. It looks like there was almost ten cc of difference between those times. Thanks for the info.
That's sort of what got me thinking about it. It's getting colder here now and the motor was just loving the morning air, fired up quickly every day and seemed to have more response to the throttle. You're only looking at 5-7% more or less air either way for most riding but it's noticable.

I'd think after looking through some of the other pages at the Engineering ToolBox site regarding air density by altitude etc would yield similar, seemingly low percentage differences. I didn't, since I'm close enough to sea level but I know if I took my bike up to somewhere a couple of thousand feet over sea level it wouldn't run worth a $#|+ until some adjustments were made.


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