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Default Re: Too broke to build it

5-7 : Yeah theres money in drawing things up , but where do i find a job drawing up the things i wanna draw .

Allanwrench : I just have to wait till i get a job to build it ... broke ain't even the word .

Goat : Back wheel is done like a motorcycle , i,m going to modify the hubs from my sachs moped ... they are 36 spoke hubs / with drum brakes .
Already did the rear hub . haven,t started the front one yet .. i will do the same .
( knocked out the bearing cups , welded a spacer inside the tube/bore ..whatever , 30mm OD goes in snuggly , replaced the crappy cup and cone bicycle bearings with 30mm x 17 mm sealed roller bearings )
Now i just need to make the shaft and bearing spacer for the shaft ... hard to do , i don,t work in a machine shop any more .. i don,t even have a job to pay someone to make me one .
THEN ..just lace up the hubs to some 26 inch rims ... there gonna be sweet )

Wayne : Thats not an oil tank , its a boost bottle , I want to make it out of a couple tomato juice cans soldered together . the ridges on the cans make it look old shcool , real old .

Thanks ...
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