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Default Re: So near yet so far.

Originally Posted by VENICE BOY View Post
Put a piece of re-bar or something in the end & stand on the other & BEND IT !!! (you only need to bend it a little!) I've done it before.
The easiest solution is usually the best!!!
Ayup. when I started on this road of strange addiction, I handled the engine with kit gloves. Now I am not above kicking and hammering. The China girls are pretty amazing things. If you normally run them at cruising speed and not WOT they last and live a good long life. They are tuff lil motors and do more then they should. VB is right. Whats the worst that can happen?

Cool thing I learned a while ago, if you run the exhaust threw a radiator hose, it sounds like a much larger engine with a thumping sound. Might be flammable though. But I have never had a muffler catch fire. Sound is really cool.
worst apocalypse ever
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