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Default Re: Two 66cc engines side by side?

Originally Posted by thegnu View Post
how about this to eliminate some trouble fab a single carb to a y shape manifold, operate the dual clutches with a hydlaulic slave cylinder out of a stick shift toyota pickup an link the clutches like a dual 4 barel carb with threaded bar an heim joints that way you can still adjust them individually this way getting both motors to run in sync is much simpler. just my 2 cents
FWIW, both engines don't have to be synchronized. It's safer to have independent controls. Both engines don't have to work equally hard; one can be WOT, the other can be idling, if it has a centrifugal clutch.

One time, I had the front engine with a lower gear rario than the rear engine. The front was screamling redline, while the rear engine was several hundred rpms lower. Both engines ran well. Sometimes the front engine rested while the rear engine pulled at highway speed.

Twins are hella fun! I also have a twin-engined project I'm working on.
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