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Default Re: Acorn nut stuck on stud

I learned my lesson on acorn nuts long ago .
For the most part ... they are just dressup items .

This is my thought on the matter .
The ones you can find commonly at your local hardware store are usually one of two types ... Chromed or Stainless .

Chromed : usually sloppy because they are tapped oversize , before they are chromed , to accomodate for the thickness of the chrome .
Then theres the ones that are tapped on size and then they are too tight after chroming .

Stainless : every single stainless acorn nut , nut or bolt , that i have ever bought from a hardware store ... key words HARDWARE STORE ... are junk . They are made of soft stainless and as far as i,m concerned ( should come with a warning sticker on them ... not to be used on mechanical equiptment )

I couln,t even count how many times i,ve twisted the head right off stainless bolts ,
1/4 up to 1/2 , and thats only tightening ( i,m not talking about reefing on them )
They should only be used on wooden fences and decks . At least the wood will squish before the head of the bolt twists off .

Hardware store = junk .

Theres all kinds of stainless . Some is not magnetic ..some is .
Generally , the stuff that is not magnetic is soft , because of its lack of carbon .
If you are going to use stainless ... at minimum go to an automotive store .
But chances are that the automotive store has nothing better that 18-8 anyways .
I'll only buy them at a fastener supply shop ... were they have a huge catalouge , with grade selections ... AISI 400 series is pretty strong , blah blah blah .

I guess its a toss , do ya want it to look pretty , or do you want it to last ?
Pretty ones that do last ... cost a lot and there not the easiest to find .

Just stick with grade 5 or 8 steel and you won,t have so many problems .

I hear a lot of people allways saying " oh grade 8 ... use grade 8 ...its stronger "
But in many cases grade 5 is better because it is not as HARD .
Hardness = Brittleness
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