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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I spotted another motorized bicycle rider!

On my way to work yesterday a.m., I noticed a bike rider in the fast lane on Dillingham Blvd., heading west towards Nimitz Highway. I'm on my bike, stopped at the light, perpendicular to his route, so I saw his right profile. That's strange, he's claiming the lane, keeping up with traffic. In the few seconds that he's in my sight, I noticed everything is colored black...driver's clothing, bike, Happy Time engine. There is a HT muffler on the bike. The engine's not screaming, so I'm presuming that he has a shift kit.

We'll cross paths one day. This is the first motorized bicycle I've seen on the road in two months. Before the first sighting, I hadn't seen a motorized bike in over a year.

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