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Default Re: Need help getting it started

on the gas, I usually turn off the fuel valve while I am riding and burn out as much fuel from the carb and fuel line as I can before I am about to remove my carb. There will still be some fuel left in the bowl, you can either let it out with the drain screw or just open the bowl and pour it out.....

But if you are just doing an e-clip adjustment you probably don't need to even pull the carb off the motor (unless your frame is really small), so no need to worry about the gas.

I'm pretty sure you have an NT carb, so you just need to thread off the top piece where the throttle cable goes in and the slide will come right out. Inside the slide is the e-clip. There is a video on youtube showing someone doing an e-clip adjustment on an NT carb, wish I had the link, but if you search you probably can find it.

If you don't have enough room to pull the slide straight up and out of the carb then loosen the carb a bit and rotate it to one side or the other until it will come out....
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