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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
is that all i do is raise it a notch or two and test ride? do i have to drain the gas out of it first and if so how? how will i know if its tuned correctly? will i notice a speed increase or something?
You said your plug is black an oily, thats too rich.....

Moving the e-clip on the needle AWAY from the pointed end will allow the needle to seat deeper inside the main jet, thus restricting the fuel flow a little more and leaning out your mixture.

Yes, experimentation is as good as any method to go at it. Your plug says your rich, so adjust the e-clip for leaner and do a test ride. Observe how she runs and after a good ride check your plug again (after the motor has cooled). You want a nice chocolate brown, not oily black (rich), not white (lean), something in the middle. Here is a link to a really nice guide to compare your plug to that will help you determine when you got it right, or in which direction you are wrong....
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