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Default Re: Don't DROOL on your keyboards...

My earliest memories of gas prices was listening to the adults around me swearing or calling on the saints in exasperation. That was right around 1970
and I was beginning to understand what pennies were good for. I was given a dime once when I wanted gum from a penny gum ball machine. (Poor dear Grandmother figured I'd use it to get ten pennies first) I came running back to her elated to report "the dime worked" ! (I wasn't aware yet that it would get me ten pennies....and that buy me ten balls of gum) I just put the dime in the gum ball machine and it gave me a gum ball.....pure bliss. I was thrilled and thought I had mastered the complexities of money....but that was short lived. Grandmother acted like I had just bankrupted the Federal Reserve Board.

Why didn't anyone tell me BEFORE I made a mistake.....insted of afterwards.

But by the time I was old enough to understand what gas stations were I was sitting in long lines at one hearing people cussing at each other and witnessing the occasional fight which always seemed to break out when some one got a metal can out of the trunk of their car to fill after filling their tank.
(like........hey, leave the rest of us some ! ) Gas may have been headed to 40 cent a gallon then. I remember always taking the white car or the blue car
and my folks talking about odd's and evens. Seemed the last number of the license plate had to match that days odd or even day policy. So the white car had the even and the blue the odd so every other day one of the two cars was driven. But I saw some dandy knock down drag out brawls in Gas Stations as a kid. We never had Soccer Hoolagans here in the states....and I was way too young to be taken around any of the road side beer bars on alcohol and firearms night. But those are just some of my youthful memories as a young Appalachian American boy in the early Appalachian Culture Centers....we called gas stations. Today we have Mega-Cultural Centers some still insist on calling WalMarts.
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