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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
Hahha. I like the Metric System, but I have not gotten used to Kilometers per Hour or Degrees Celsius yet. When you said 34 degrees in Melbourne, I was thinking, how odd. It should be summer weather there. Then I remembered....
I'm from the switch-over generation here in Canada, they started teaching us the old way, then told us to forget that and shoved the metric system on us. I use both in different areas, feet and inches for short/project measurement, kms for driving distance... Pounds more often than kilos (outside work, where I have to use both for shipping). The place it works out best (for me) though has to be liquid measures.. so much easier to make up gas/oil mix with a base-10 decimal system than with gallons and ounces.

I use a couple of different sites for converting units, this one:, and Master Unit Converter. They cover everything I've needed to convert (so far). As a rough rule of thumb, 10 km=6(.2) mi.

Today is clear and sunny, but cold. Close to freezing, there's still frost in the shadow of the house. However I'm going to gear up and take the new motor out for a 'confidence run' in a little while. Once I'm happy with it I'll feel better about riding out to go to work in the dark @ 7am.


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