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Default Re: Two 66cc engines side by side?

True, it would probably be nearly 3 inches wider if not more if one were to use centrifugals, though I'm not planning on having pedals, merely nice pegs so maybe centrifugals would work. It would deffinately eliminate the clutch cables, but to be honest I have no experiance with the centrifugals so maybe that would not be a good idea for me.

I would like to find a way to drive the motor on the regular gears of a mountain bike so that maybe I could have a shifter similar to a jack shaft kit but without routing it through the crank first.

I live on the Duck Valley Indian reservation right accross the street from the police station and I know them very well. They never mess with me here. When I lived in Boise, Idaho it was a different story, got stopped every day. I have fought over $850 in tickets and citations and won every time. I was glad I won but I would have much rather had them just leave me alone.

I suppose if I build it and take it off of the reservation then I'd have to get it licenced and registered in Elko, Nevada.. 100 miles away haha. Maybe I could ride it there :-)
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