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Default Re: mark from victoria bc hello!

Absolutely no offence taken at all.
The feds in Ottawa draw up the government vehicle safety guidelines that your wifes uncle and your friend build their vehicles to match. As you say they are registered with the government and are required to meet certain standards.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act tells the car makers what safety standards they have to build into their cars and when. What and where it goes on the vehicle to make the vehicle match the government standards. They also set emissions and milage.

The province takes the federal guide lines and accepts them as they are or makes them more restrictive to match what they want for the province. In Ontario you need a moped licence but we don't.

The next step is that towns and cities or counties/townships can impose their laws so long as the province doesn't say they can't. Such as Victoria can say that all mopeds have to have a flashing light over top of the moped for better visibility in the city limits but they can't if the province says that they can't.
At the bottom of the heap are you and I.

You wouldn't be creating a bicycle. Someone already created the bicycle but your modifying the bicycle by putting a motor on it. Now Victoria and I.C.B.C. want to see what you have done to the bicycle and is what you did safe so they want to inspect it and assign a vin#.
This is where the problem is since they will look and see that you have modified a bicycle that was meant to be pedaled or at best modified with an electric motor not more than 500W by putting a gas motor on it.
The reason that you don't see anything about gas motors on bicycles on the I.C.B.C. site is because they aren't legal. The site just tells you what you need to know about what they will accept and that is a a 500W electric motor with the safty features that are listed.

As it was so kindly explained to me almost 50 years age by a judge, the government is only responsible to tell you what is legal but it is up to you to find out what is illegal then he fined me more money than I made in 4 months {Your turn not to ask but it was worth ever penny}. Ever since I don't do anything that might be the least bit illegal without researching it very carefully.

What Ottawa?? There is only one "Ottawa" and you can bet you know who will be on your door step asking why you didn't know.

You are only concerned about B.C. and if you ask your lawyer they will be able to tell you the laws here. If they find a way out please let us know. You will be the motor bikers hero of the decade or longer.

If I had a close friend who built motorcycle frames I'd be asking him to make me a frame if he could.


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