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Default Re: mark from victoria bc hello!

Thanks Steve for that info. I have to ask though and mean no disrespect, but do you have any references for what you're talking about? Which laws are you referring to and in which jurisdiction? MVA laws are provincial not federal. What amendment was drawn up and to which act? Nothing related to gas motorized bikes is in the BC MVA from my cursory reviews. Nothing that specifically permits or disallows. The final definition you refer to below is a definition of what exactly, applying to which specific jurisdictions and implemented by which governmental body? I don't mean to challenge, but there are several grey areas in the info you mention above. "Ottawa" may have it on their website, but who is Ottawa? Feds? Which department? Any citations, references or links to websites would be awesome. Even if you can locate which legislation or from which jurisdiction I can sick my lawyer on it to clarify for me. (She's on retainer, don't ask!)

Regarding the plate you refer to, my wife's uncle builds ambulances and other emergency vehicles, including complete frame off, one offs with off the shelf engines and other parts, and his manufacturing stamp is recognized simply by virtue of the fact that he owns a registered business. He's had many government contracts over the years and there are a great many emergency response vehicles rolling around BC that bear his stamp. A close friend of mine builds custom motorcycles and his manufacturing plates and serial numbers are similarly created.

The other thing that might affect what I'm doing is that I have no intention of trying to create a "bicycle" I'm trying to create what will legally be recognized as a motorcycle. I have more questions than answers now at any rate! I'm just going to build it and see what may come, but any references or links would be greatly appreciated!
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