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Default Re: I had a breakdown today...

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Hey corgi! Don't get "Rub it on some concrete or a curb" into Newbies heads!

Lapping is time consuming, I should've taken before/after pics too, stock finish is a mess for sure. On glass- all wet(need wet paper btw ppl, water will just wreck regular paper). I started at 300 until the major nicks/gouges were gone, to 600 to get out the 300's lines and ended on 1500 three hours later(total) for a nice polished finish. If you harvest a wife/gf's picture glass, make sure it's washed good before putting it back Granite slab is a great idea.

CT, did the baking soda w/toothpaste leave a nice finish? The 1500 did a good job, just curious about that paste.

Heh heh, speaking of blades, I wonder what a 6x6" honing stone would go for. Or even a rough stone... Probably more than a years worth of 300-1500 grit, lol.
Originally Posted by rustycase
and CT, it's not really necessary to have a magnificent mirror finish on the mating surfaces... I've done many, and basically just look to see that they are 'frosty' in a uniform way all across the gasket bearing surface.

The paste worked well finishing from 1000 grit paper. It isn't a mirror finish, but a uniform shine with no blemishes. I'm sure there's a compound someone reliable makes and sells but for the shoe-string budget it performed well.
A 6"x6" honing surface... how about the side of a bench grinder wheel? Lay it flat on something that'll keep it from sliding and add a few drops of oil before working it.. If it were tried against the wheel on the grinder I doubt it would work (and with the grinder on it would just eat the aluminum, too easy to grind unevenly too).
I lucked out finding the slab, it's about 12"x18" and about a half inch thick, polished one side. It's just one of those things I saw being thrown out somewhere one day that I knew would be useful somehow in the future. I find a lot of stuff like that.


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