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Default Re: I Gave Up ! Correct 2 cycle oil percentage ????

Originally Posted by Drewd View Post
Go to your local pharmacy and get a 2oz (30ml) vial for liquids. It'll be perfect for 32:1 ratio. If they won't give you one for free, offer to pay 25 cents for it.

Tip: don't add it to tank first because it'll go straight into your carb. Shut petcock, add 1/2 tank fuel, add oil while trying to pour it to left side of tank (tilt bike at a slight angle to accomplish this), add remaining 1/2 of tank, recap, gently move bike side to side to mix-starting engine will allow engine vibes to thoroughly mix the oil with the fuel. Have fun!
LOL, yes, I forgot to shut the petcock & poured oil in first. Like you said, it went straight into the filter & carb. The engine started to smoke and cough a few seconds after start up. I had to plug the gas cap, then flip the bike upside down. When the bad mix flowed back into the tank, I shut the petcock and righted the bike. The engine started roughly, then cleared in a couple minutes. Unfortunately, the mix ratio was unknown, so the tank was drained and refilled w/proper mixture.

I keep one oz of Opti-2 in an 18 oz aluminum fuel bottle in its cage. When the tank is almost empty, I shut the petcock, pour in the oil and pedal to the station. By the time I get there, the oil is partially mixed, then perfectly mixed when filled. Sometimes I pedal away for a block, then start up.

Sometimes I just start up and motor away. No adverse engine effects, and spark plug color is cocoa-brown.
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