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Default Re: Why no winter riding?

Snow is bad, but slush is worse. Passing traffic can shower you in dirty gritty glop that'll soak through your riding gear and leave you wet all day. The cold you can dress for, but it's only practical if you're near freezing point. On the up side, the china girls love chilly mornings (at least mine do).. I found some info on temp vs. air volume, I'll post it elsewhere.

I haven't ridden at all this week due to crappy weather, but if the day is going to be dry I'll usually give it a go. We had a little wet snow where I am in Van last night, and it screws up the drivers out here badly. I used to live in southern Ontario so I grew up driving and riding in the snow. Back there I rode an old ten speed before I got the Norco I ride now, the thin tires were great at cutting through drifting snow. The knobby tires gum up badly with packed snow and you end up applying a slippery wheel to a slippery road while binding up a bit at the brake calipers.


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