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Default Re: mark from victoria bc hello!

thanks for all the replies guys. I wouldn't think to waste my time with ICBC from the get go, a good friend of mine is an insurance adjuster for them and he also advised against trying to get help from them. It's their mandate to shut this kind of stuff down, not help it get going. But be darn sure that if I can pass an inspection, they will happily take my money to insure it! I'm not 100% sure if this is what Mark is talking about, but my adjuster friend said when the time comes to get homebuilt vehicle insurance which can apply both to autos and motorcycles of all kinds, including LSMs (low speed motorcycle).

My initial plan is to ensure I meet all criteria in the motor vehicle act first before trying to get an inspection and insurance. Another fellow I know in Nelson built, had inspected, registered and insured a homebuilt three wheeled car by following the tenets of the Motor Vehicle Act and then pursing the process from there.

I too have seen them buzzing around town here and there and even see them on craigslist periodically for exorbitant amounts of money (really? 950 bucks for your 1988 canadian tire mountain bike with a HuaSheng kit on it? good luck!)

I even helped a guy put one together a few years ago and he rode the galloping goose every day for a year before he was pulled over by the cops. Even then, they didn't impound his bike, he pulled out the spark plug and gave it to them and they let him pedal it away with a ticket. I know they aren't that big of a heat score here, but I'd love to be able to legally cruise down Oak Bay ave and stop into Ottavio for an espresso while jaws drop around me.

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