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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

WoW ! THAT is COLD !
I just don't want to deal with that anymore! lol


KC, yes, I should pop it apart to look, but I have no spare parts on hand. Not even a head gasket.
...if I bought a con rod bushing for a nickel, they'd probably want to charge me another nickel to mail it... wouldn't pay. and I'm not even sure if it is the wrist pin, or if it even uses a bushing, or a bearing.
The top end kits seem to come with a piston and rings, but no wrist pin or bearing???

Any advice on cheapest barrel WITH piston, rings, wrist pin & ... well, I don't know if my 48cc skyhawk is bushed or not! ???

From ded cold, I set the plunger choke on, it starts in the first 5ft and runs for a warm-up 300-400ft, then I can take the choke off and run a mile or so to the market or hardware store. It's still reliable. I don't want to give it up ! lol

m8r... U did the right thing! ...NOT going back out for another spin... always good to set and look at things, (especially after something has broken), when you're enjoying the excitement of that first ride! :-)
...the slide in your carby may be position incorrectly...
with the spring OFF, you should be able to move the slide up and down quite freely with the cable end... if not, be sure it's rotated for proper alignment of the groove.
the groove goes towards the drive chain side... the small ramp at the bottom of the slide is for the idle speed adjustment and goes towards the clutch side of the engine.

I went up to the hardware and bought replacement screws for the parcel rack I took off a parts bike yesterday. Will change 'em out tomorrow. Don't want it to end up like a floppy fender boggled up in the back wheel ! Ever !!!
I'm a big spender... 40 cents a piece for #5 metric screws and a dime each for washers!

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