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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

2 below farh. with 13 below wind chill had to get out the winter bike and winter motor. Spent 12 hours couple of days ago stripping the summer bike and prepairing the winter one.
Today I finished up and took it for a spin up and down the alley and around the block and it's running ok with alot of bottom end power- that tiny little motor sat all summer- I sure am happy that it fired up!!!! After the test ride, I let it sit and idle for a long time.
Still have some summer gass left that I gotta burn up-then it's time for sno-mo oil!!!
I cannot wait to try some of that Shell Advance.
These bikes are my only transportation so I gotta have them runnin- I cannot mess around. Well, all ready for the winter-they say that it's gettin warmer next week.....
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