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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

yea m8r, the paint will burn off the last of its catalysts when heated, along with any oil/crud in the fins, that smell will go away eventually If you don't like the smell of 2-stroke exhaust(I know some people that can't stand that smell-their loss), there's semi-synthetic, and full synthetic oil options for smokeless running. They cost more than good'ol 2-smoke oil though

Rusty, you might even get away with just replacing your bushing/or needle bearing(whatever you have). If you can save it before the piston starts wobbling and taking chunks out of the ports that'll save some bucks. $5 for a bearing/bushing now or $60'ish for a top-end later, eh?

Eject it and inspect it!

This week I found a deal on like Craigslist) for two kits for just over the price of one. They were two hours away, but luckily a friend of a friend's brother was able to pick them up from my Dad's work on his way to visit family. So I finally got the boxes of parts this week, woo! I crack into them... one new/never-ran 66, one lightly loved 66 with a small nick in the jug, no biggie. But then I see these pads of rubber with chunks cut out of them... "uh oh, rubberized mounts" I think. Inspect the used case, and sure enough, not one but both the rear studs were sheared...

Good thing I have extra cases kicking around, but the "new" ones studs/jug are 8x1.125m, and my cases are 6x1m, so had to order in a tap.

Plus there was some weird gunk on the intake, and there was four throttle assemblies and only one NT carb, lols.

The joys of HT tinkering, never a dull moment.

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