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Default Re: Need help getting it started

Originally Posted by ex42k9j View Post
ok i gave it that nice 1/2" of slack and guess what? she runs no problem now. test rode her around the block a few times and no popping off chain.

it does feel like i can feel the chain passing by under me. is that normal? maybe just a lot of vibration (not using any rubber).

also she seems to have a hard time carrying my fat a$$ up the hill to my house (I am 6' 0" about 180-190 pounds but haven't got weighed in months though ~ was 179 when i got weighed so i did add some extra weight.) i guess i have to wait until she breaks in before she can carry me up a medium-high without me having to help pedal. but the ride down the hill was a blast!

also i still cant get her to sit idle. if i am not throttling or like when i was going up the hill i could hear her starting to die unless i pedaled it will just cut off on me. can i only get it idle after i break in?

also i was thinking of doing some modifications:

1)Cut a few holes in the muffler (makes it louder but i hear it helps with acceleration)
2)Put on rubber (help with vibration)
3)Put rubber spacers on the motor side fins (Hear it helps with noise reduction)
4)Cut the long metal tube thing (intake manifold???) when you open your muffler
5)Get a better carb (maybe spend a good $60 on a speed carb)
6)Maybe go down to a lower # sprocket, at my weight though i don't think i should go under a 40T sprocket though
7)get some 1.75 wheels cause i don't like how close my chain is to the wheel (doesn't rub it or anything just wouldn't like it so close)
8)eventually replace muffler with a poo poo muffler or something.
9)get a paper filter cause i sometimes am seeing these little black things in my fuel line.
Glad you got your chain situation worked out....
It is NOT normal to have to pedal up a hill, I weigh 200lbs and my bike can pull me at about 20-25MPH up a fairly steep hill. I would say you have some issues yet to work out with your carb, needs to be tuned better.
As far as all your mods go, I would suggest you give that a rest for now and learn about what you got. Putting holes in the muffler is gonna change the tuning and require you to re-tune your carb, changing the air filter will do the same. I would get her running and idling well before I go drilling holes and hacking things off shorter.
As for the paper fuel filter, if you see black crap in your line then you needed one YESTERDAY! These fuel tanks are usually LOADED UP with crap inside them when they are new, if you didn't clean that crap out you are gonna have fuel delivery and carb problems sooner than later. If you see black crap in your line then your carb is probably already all clogged up! The needle valve and jets are really tiny, the black particles you are seeing, if large enough to see are definitely large enough to clog up your carb.....
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