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Default Re: What caused this?

Yah, I know basf... they are HUGE ! one of the german bayerische coal tar chemical concerns... :-) better living thru chemistry :-)

NOW is the time to have learned abt waterborne application because it's all we're gonna get anymore lol
I couldn't say it's any btr, healthwise... it's chock full of ingredients u can't decipher without a phd in molecular chemistry ! No clue what the longterm effects might be. or what the longevity of the coating may really be under real life conditions.

I suspect the new latex products I applied thousands of gallons of in residential building is a major part of my health problems today.
I sure don't think anyone would have a problem painting their motorbike, though.

...I recently heard of a fellow who belongs to a local lapidary/rockhound club who got tagged because he does a lot of rock sawing... his diamond blades are lubricated with special oils for the purpose and he had been buying 55gal drums of it to get a btr price... an agency inquired abt his disposal methods.
...and they wanted very specific answers!!!
I don't know the outcome, but my guess is he'll soon be in a new hobby.

...yah, cb2 is probably correct on the blush... the pic shown in the OP doesn't really give enough info...
them rattle cans just leave a lot to be desired, imo.


...I'm just another hack when it comes to painting cars and bikes...
I know many fellows who do top quality work and I wouldn't ever come close to their excellence... I haven't even made all the mistakes yet!

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