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Default Two 66cc engines side by side?

I am thinking about building a custom mounting plate for my bike that is extra wide and mounting two, 66cc performance modded (port matched, milled heads, same length exhausts and expansion chambers, boost bottles, maybe nitrous, that sort of thing) china girls side by side. both drives would be connected to one 1/2" round tempered steel bar with good bearings. The drive bar would then be connected via chain to the right side drive of the back wheel, thus allowing for a disk brake in the rear on the left side. This bike would no longer have pedals. I'd use a beefy double walled rear rim with good spokes and steel eyelets where the spokes meet the rim. I'd use a Y-split and larger hose from the gas tank to the large bore carbs. A Y-split and custom bearing rollers to pull both clutches at once, both adjusted to engage the same.
I only weigh 140 lbs but with the extra weight of the extra engine I will probably have to gusset or reinforce the triangles of the main frame. I'll use a springer front end and I have a custom made bobber seat for my tooshie. I'd probably have to use a 4130 chromolly steel axle for the rear so as not to bend it. Handle bars turned down cafe' racer style, and everything painted black with red trim. What does everybody or anybody think that the problems I may encounter will be?

I've been thinking about buying an extremely expensive compact wankel engine and using that with a belt drive but then my a fore mentioned idea occurred to me and I was like, "well that's a heck of a lot cheaper."

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