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Default Re: What caused this?

Well that's true, gnu, there's an end to all good things! lol
especially the cheap ones!
but out here in Kalifornia, we don't got so many vdub tires around, but we DO got a lotta HUGE boulevard Komando tires off suv's and pu's that would more than paint a mc...
I probly got 5 or 6 compressors here, so I wouldn't need to run off a static system, but I DO have the hose to do so if all else fails.
...ur post above sounds like you are using quality product. I'm using stuff that sells for $40 a gal from a regional paint store for DTM applications. No metallics, but they got a full range of color. They paint aircraft with the stuff...
but I'm a cheapskate... I buy the mis-tints for $5 a gal and tint em some direction I can use.
Gonna be a whole new scenario for me, next time I get by there. Last time I bought the last alkyd paint they would have in stock. Ever.
New product lines and all water-based now.
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