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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I've got my econoline motivating, so I can step back away from that project for a while... still can't spring for the taxes required on it... go figger!

Popped the drive gear cover and un-stuck my chain from the sprocket, made up the chain and adjusted the idler. Fired it off and it ran better than it has before.
I must be getting close with these $#@! cns jets! lol

...but the chain was a tad too tight...
I messed with it in the driveway, rocked the wheel back and forth, then turned it 180 and rocked it again to see how far my rag joint is out of eccentric... It is!

So I loosened the chain a bit.

But that ain't the biggie...

I heard a rattle in the top end when rocking the back wheel.
I'm figuring wrist pin or maybe piston slap. Probably both.
This might be the heart of the problem why best speed I've gotten so far is 24mph.

It was a basketcase when I bought it and had been run pretty hard.

So now I gotta look for a replacement engine from a vendor that will ship to Kalifornia. I don't think it would pay to spring for double shipping if I had someone out of state take delivery of it, then forward it to me...

I use the little motorized bicycle for daily transport around town and really don't want to run it until the motor hand grenades... heck, I like it !

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